The club will be running every other Sat evening for the 2015 racing year depending on hall availability, and no meetings during the month of August as per normal.


Rogers Hall is no longer allowing the 1 hour setup period we have had the luxury of for the last 20 years, we are now only allowed 30 minutes so we will no longer be able to open the doors at 17:00  but instead at 17:30 so please do not arrive before this time. Thank you.


To fall in line with the new weight limits that the BRCA have released, the minimum weight for 4WD touring class will be lowered to 1350g as of now.


As per the decision at the 2009 AGM to allow Tyre warmers and Lithium Polymer (a.k.a. Li-Poly/LiPo) battery packs they may be used at race meetings as of Jan 2010. These batteries must have a hard, protective case that completely envelopes the cell(s). Individual cells used in the construction of the battery shall be rated at 3.7v nominal and the pack shall be 2 cells in series with a nominal voltage of 7.4v. as per BRCA rules.

LiPo batteries must be charged in a suitable LiPo charging bag using a suitable and correctly set charger for safety.


As per the decision at the 2008 AGM to allow brushless motors equivalent to 27Turn brushed motors we will be allowing their use from Jan 2009, these will be 13.5Turn motors from the BRCA Brushless Spec. Motors (13.5T) or the 13.5Turn version of the motors from the BRCA Brushless Spec. Motors (10.5T) to keep things as simple as possible.

Please remember, brushless motors now are an option and not a requirement so you don't all need to run out and buy them for the new year. Carry on using the motors/speedos you have now, also note for those who do decide to run brushless motors that you will require a brushless capable speedo.


Sorex 24 Tyres (Part no. XG-24BM for mounted) are added to the allowed tyre list and may be used at any race meeting effective immediately. This has been due to the shortage of Vtec 24r tyres.