Racing Calendar

The club runs every other Saturday evening, you can arrive from about 5:30pm onwards and booking in closes roughly between 18:15-18:45pm, we aim to be finished and packed away no later than 10:00pm.

See calendar below for race dates - Please note that the Club does not normally run during August, please check the calendar or main page for conformation close to the time.


If a non-member would like to race before becoming a member there will usually be a raised race fee (currently 4 for junior members, 5 for senior members and 6 for non members). Also availability of space should be checked in advance as we cannot guarantee that there will be spaces available to race, although there usually is plenty.

Please note that, due to insurance restrictions, if a racer does not hold a valid BRCA membership, they cannot be permitted to race on more than three occasions during a 6 week period in a calendar year unless they get BRCA membership.

2018 Calendar